About Us

Living where you like is freedom. Liking how you live is happiness

Gerisa Group was created for 2 key purposes:

1) to help landlords and home owners solve property problems with unique and flexible solutions, to give you the freedom to live how you want.

2) to provide excellent returns for our investors who are getting low returns from their banks.

Our director, award winning landlord, Richie Miller bought his first investment property in 2015; after re-development and moving his first tenant in – who still lives there today – he released enough equity to make it a no cash left in deal that still provides a positive cash flow today. Richie has been investing in property ever since, including educating himself in advanced strategy and becoming one of the PIN-networks Property Masterminds. He now specialise in unique and creative ethical deal structuring to maximise profits, solve property problems and minimise risks.

Gerisa Group Ltd helps in providing ethical property solutions for people with property problems, including landlords & homeowners; we also provide high spec, modern quality homes for tenants, ensuring they live in the best possible comfort.

At Gerisa Group we also help other investors achieve excellent returns on their money as we work together to achieve great profits from our property projects. We strongly believe that far greater results are achieved when people come together to work towards the same goal. Fundamentally working together is about relationships and we believe in building and maintaining great relationships with everyone we work with, from Estate Agents, Investors, Tradesmen, Legal Teams and of course our Tenants.,